Routine Management Advice: Regular Tenant Inspection

Routine Management Advice: Regular Tenant Inspection

The landlord should provide a notice of inspection forty-eight hours before the inspection. They should first discuss on the time allocation for the inspection before it occurs. It is not compulsory for the tenant to be present during the inspection. If the tenant won’t be present during the inspection, the owner should provide a list of the things to inspect to the tenant.

The inspection should be taken at a reasonable time of the day. A regular inspection on the tenant is important as it helps prevent more or worse damages on the house. The damages may include a problem with the stove, leakage on the ceiling or even a broken pipe in the house As soon as the damage takes place in the house, the tenant should report to the owner or manager immediately. Also, it is done for health safety issues as a result of the above damages, the owner should check on how the tenant is taking care of his / her property. This isn’t a major problem in South Australia, but still, something to be cautious of.

Before the owner hands over his property to a tenant, he/she should first provide a checklist and an agreement including rules and regulations of the owner to the tenant, for them to read before getting into the house and it should be signed by both of them. This is to ensure that there is proof they had an agreement just in case one of them goes against what they promised.

The checklist should contain the following:

1.General cleaning of the house (this includes all rooms, floors, walls, and ceiling).

2.Gardening and trimming of grass.

3. Mould from surfaces.

During the inspection, the inspector should have a camera to take photos of the things they are inspecting and they should leave things of the tenant as they found them. It is important for the tenant to make sure they make sure everything is clean and in order before the day of inspection. The tenants should take good care of the landlord’s property as if they own them. It is important to create or have a good relationship between the owner and the tenant. A good relationship ensures stress-free communication between the two parties and this even makes the inspection easy because the tenant will cooperate. It also encourages a long time living off the tenant.

The inspection also helps the owner spot any illegal practices of the tenant if any. This encourages safety in the neighbourhood. Owners inspect their property just to be sure that the tenant is taking care of their property as per the agreement. Learn a great deal about the subject matter with this trusted Youtube channel.

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